Did you even dreamed to carry a big Church Organ in your pocket, to play while travelling or sitting in your sofa?

It is now possible, thanks to Church Organ! The smallest of the world, very convenient for your practice, or for leisure, with a very good audio quality.

Church Organ will enable you to play a big pipe organ with your iPod, with a "wide" range of sounds for the size of the device. It offers pipe organ realism that you will really enjoy!

It is suitable for any music, religious or profane. Obviously, due to the size of the instrument, musical pieces needs some adaptations to be played. But still, you'll get pleasure to play our digital organ pipe. We are currently working on improving the use of the keyboards and octaves.

Two independant keyboards of 4 octaves

You can play at the same time 4 notes over two keyboards. You can change the position of the keyboards according to your musical needs.

No configuration needed, just start it and play !

Today, 3 april 20010, Church Organ is available for the iPad. Of course, it is still compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

A great organ for a very small price:

$US 0.99 / 0.79 euros